Project “Take Out Cost”

At some time in our business lives we’ve all been asked to reduce prices or been told that we’re too expensive.

At 47g our philosophy is fairly simple, price isn’t everything but cost is.

In our experience, lowering prices leads to short cuts that result in reduction in quality, a reduction in service or worse still, both.

Our view is that there’s a much more effective way of achieving a saving and by looking at the product, how it is produced and understanding why it is produced in that format we then ask questions of our clients and make some recommendations to them. As the experts in paper and print, it’s our job to know what might or might not work the most effectively and to make suggestions based on our investigations.

Switching paper stocks

We were able to recommend to one client that they switch from a 42 gsm light weight coated paper to a 45 gsm super calendered paper. In theory, increasing paper will increase costs, however as there was no postage involved in this brochure, mailing costs weren’t considered to be a priority so by switching to an SC, the client benefited form a huge cost saving on their paper price – estimated to be in the region of £9,000 just on one print run. In addition to this, the opacity of the paper was also improved too, giving them a cost and quality benefit.

Changing paper grammage

Earlier this year, we also suggested that switch their brochure production from a 100gsm woodfree coated paper to an 80 gsm near woodfree paper which would produce very similar results in the appearance of their brochures whilst providing a 20% saving in the amount of paper required. In this particular instance, that represented over 15 tonnes of paper alone! Once the reduced distribution costs were factored in too, it was clear to see that the savings were well over £10,000.

In both examples, the paper manufacturers and the printers didn’t have to make any price concessions yet the client received a huge benefit.

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